We have a wide range of instruments and equipment that is available for you to use. We offer you FREE use of over 20 synths, guitars, amps, drums and percussion. Click each of the headings below to see individual items.

Tascam X48 48 track recorder

Tascam DM4800 72 channel automated mixing desk

Tascam MX2424 Digital Recorder.

Tascam MSR 16 Analogue Reel to Reel

Tascam 2488 24 track Location Recorder

Pro Tools

Alesis 24 track Adat Recorder mk2

Alesis Original 8 track Recorder

Cubase nsx Recording Software


Fender Strat

Gibson 335

Epiphone Dot

Rikenbacker 12

Washburn V8

Washburn KC-70

Ibanez 220

Line 6 300

Harley benton Telecaster

Rogue Ric copy



Guild 301b (Gibson)

Harley benton 5 string

Warwick Rock Bass

Yamaha Electro/Acoustic

Yamaha Solid body Electro/Classical

Washburn STB20 Acoustic

Washburn Electo/classical

Line 6 Acoustic

Westbury Acoustic

Ibenez Electro/Classical

Harley Benton Mandolin

Marshall Valve State 50

Line 6 Spider Amp

Line 6 Guitar Pod

Line 6 Bass Pod

Trace Eliott Bass Amp

Harkle Bass Head

Hartley Benton Acoustic Amp

Yamaha Amp


Hear a recording of some of our kit:

Gretch Acousic 4 piece Kit

Gretch Wooden Snare

Premier Metal Snare

Speedking Bass pedal

Assorted Hardware

Assorted Cymbals (inc Zildjian)

Assorted Gretch extras


Simmonds Pads

Simmonds S1000 Brain

Alesis DM5 Brain




Bell Tree







Also 1000's of percussion effects playable from the Pads

Kurzweil PM88 Weighted Piano

Korg SV1 Weighted Piano

Akia 2000

Akia 3200XL

Akia 950

Akia s20

Akia s700

Akia VL1

Akia VX90

Jen SX1000

Kawia K4

Kawia K1

Kawia K5

Kawia Piano

Korg D5

Gem S300

Roland D10

Roland E50

Roland Juno 2

Roland U220

Yamaha CX1

Yamaha DX21

Yamaha DJX

Yamaha TX81Z

Oberhiem OB3 Hammond

Alesis Nano Synth

Bass Station

Cheater MS6

Walfdale Pulse

Plus many Computer Based Synths


TC Electronics M5000x X2

TC Electronics ATAC

TC Electronics G Major 2

TC Electronics M3000

Lexicon LPX1

Lexicon Reflex

Alesis quadreverb mk2

Alesis Midi verb 1

Alesis midi verb 2

Digitech Twin

Zoom 2001

Yamaha 2020

Yamaha ref 5

Dod multi effects

Behringer Ultracurve

Behringer Vitualizer

Behringer Pro comp x 8

Behringer dualfexs

Behringer Vocaliser




Neumann TLM 103 Vocal

Rode 2 Vocal


AKG D222


AKG D190C X4

Sennheiser E604 X4

Shure SM58 X 4

Sennheiser Overheads

Shure Overheads

Audio Technics Condensers

Beyer Condenser

Yamaha Vocal


Many more....


Plus Pop shields & Shockguards



AKG K240DF X2 Drum headphones

Sennheisers X2

Sony & Phillips X3

Behringer Headphone Amp


Many More...

ALesis 3's

Yamaha ns10's

JBL Custom 1's

Tannoy Golds's

Tanoy reveal Reds

Viscount Davids Nearfields

Yamaha & Akia Amps

Mostly Computer based but we have the following for coping and restoration:


Tascam DA20 MK 2

Fostex D5

Akia Elise

Sony Prodat

Sony Minidisk

Phillip DCC

Phillips CDR765

Yamaha CRW44

Nachimini Cassette Deck

Sony Turntable 78/45/33

Yamaha Cassette Decks

Revox 10 inch Reel to Reel

Akia 3/5/8 inch Reel to Reel

There are several high speed computers running the Recording, Mixing Synths and Mastering parts of the studios. We use both PC and Apple Mac.

We have a vintage Atari too!

Tascam Viewnet

Cubase NSX

Steinberg wave

Steinberg Clean

Pro Tools

Sony Soundscape

Cubase VST24

Yamaha Factory 1624

DigiDesign 003 + Factory

D.I Boxes x8

Behringer Patchbays

JBL 600W P.a Speakers

The Box P.A Speakers

D.J Mixer for Decks


Assorted Conection leads

Assorted Connecters

Behringer P.A Mixer