Client Comments

We have many clients at Appletree Studios and some of them were good enough to let you know what they really thought about their time here.

Ashdown Sisters

Appletree Studios provides an intimate and professional environment for artists to record their music. As our first time in a studio, my sisters and I didn't know what to expect, but we found Philip to be friendly and professional. Alongside the welcome supply of hot beverages, Philip led us through the recording process with patience, knowledge and encouragement.

The studio itself is very comfortable and well equipped, accommodating all sorts of instruments and recording techniques. Not only are we thrilled with the end result, we also had a thoroughly enjoyable time recording there. We would definately recommend Appletree Studios and hope to return in the not too distant future.

Caleb Taylor

Just recorded my debut album at Appletree Studios and had such an amazing experience working with such a professional producer. The atmosphere was full of great vibes and I look forward to recording my follow up album here. I highly recommend recording here.

Danni James

Appletree studios is an excellent studio, very professional and helpful. I felt at ease whilst recording and enjoyed every minute of it. The studio is set in lovely surroundings and was very comfortable. I will definitely be visiting Appletree studios again for future recordings. Thank-you.


Apple Tree is a great studio. It a very relaxed environment to work in and the recording quality far exceeds the price. Fantastic, would recommend it any musician, we’ll be back.

John Paul Davis

Phillip at Appletree has been terrific to work with. He grasped the brief quickly but was also adaptable, creative & very efficient through the process of composing and delivering a score and creating backing tracks for songs in the film. The standard of his work is excellent and his openness and grace mean he's easy to work with. I'm looking forward to working with him on future projects. John Paul Davis 'Journalist & Presenter @ Sky & Exec Producer - Agape Media'

Sinking Witches

The equation is a simple one: Great studio + fine location + experienced and knowledgeable engineer = a great product. Sinking Witches will definitely be back soon. Thank you Phil.

Muther's Union

We had previously tried other studios locally and were disappointed. No such feelings with Appletree Studios as Phil is not only a superb engineer but also a talented musician and producer. We have come away not only with recordings we are delighted with but also as better performers - Muther’s Union.

Secret Rivals

Secret Rivals recorded their first E.P last month at appletree and couldn't fault it one bit. It turned out to be a very fun and enjoyable experience for everyone. Great location with a clear perfect professional sound. Phil was very helpful, listened to everything we had to ask. Gave advice and knew exactly what we wanted. And Superb..... and i mean superb Yorkshire tea :)

Most probably be back in the near future. Thanks Rivals x


We came to Appletree Studios to record our EP, we found the whole experience very enjoyable and were very happy with the results. Phillip was a great host and was very helpful at guiding us through the sessions. Furthermore, the equipment on offer was also very good and in good hands, and so afterwards we felt very confident that we had made the right choice in coming to record at Appletree Studios. Declan

The Mascots

Working with Phillip at Appletree Studios was fantastic. I was very pleased with the quality and clarity of the drum sound captured during our session. The results of the session prove that working in a professional, comfortable environment with a knowledgeable, patient engineer can really bring out the best sound for a band. We will definitely be using Appletree in future.

Max, drummer of Mascots

Ruth Shannon

I must say thank you for doing such a wonderful job with my songs! I'm so pleased with the result, and had an amazing time in the studio. Hopefully we'll get to work together again soon!

Thanks and best wishes. Ruth.

The Wreck Scene

The Wreck Scene, an Alt-Country Punk band used Appletree to record our debut EP, and cannot praise it highly enough. Organised, professional but also fun and relaxed environment. The engineer guided us through everything with ease and nothing was rushed. Superb quality recording and mastering for such a fantastic price. We cannot recommend this place highly enough and will definitely return soon to lay down more tracks.

Very Nice Harry

Thank you once again for helping us out with our new EP, we love the finished product.

We're getting some good feedback on the "Tongue In Cheek" single! Good work Phil.

Very Nice Harry ( V.N.H )

Paul Martin

Greetings from Paul Martin, yea man Appletree studios is the boom soun, pro service nice atmosphere, I'm happy to be working there stay tuned for more from Appletree studios and Paul Martin, respect peace an love.

Here is a video Paul did in the studio: Paul Martin at Appletree Studios

Reverbnation / Paul Martin

Laurel Grace

Philip was not your average robotic producer, he has a true ear for music and made the recording experience fun and very productive. Philip offered his valuable musical advice and expertise and went the extra mile for me.

Short Drag Roger

The absolute professionalism is just one of the many brilliant trademarks of this wonderful studio. Phil made us feel right at home and the quality is second to none. A wonderful ear for the dynamics, and a good idea of what is required to make a successful recording. We will definitely be back for our next album (very soon...)

The Screaming House Madrigals

We had a very successful and productive time at Appletree, producing some very high quality tracks. Our aim was to record a demo but we have ended up with tracks of such good quality that we hope to be able to market them, maybe as an EP, too.

Philip was extremely professional, supportive and patient and has a very keen ear. He noticed small things that could otherwise have been omitted and made thoughtful suggestions, born of much experience. He showed a genuine enthusiasm for our music. We've had several other attempts at recording our music and none of these have been anywhere nearly as successful. In particular we are very happy with the vocals on the tracks. Philip went out of his way to capture these, changing mics several times to ensure a great result, Look forward to working there again soon.


I recorded my demo and album at Appletree Studios, and I love the results that I have received. Phillip, the resident engineer, is a true professional and the quality of the recordings are top notch. I would definitely recommend these studios to anyone who is looking for fun and a quality recording. I look forward to recording at Appletree again soon.


Phil is a great guy, with lots of helpful production tips, has a unique way of getting inspiration and has a wealth of music/tech knowledge.

Have had a great week at Apple Tree Studios creating something really magic.


Jamie, Jai and Sam

Deus Servo

Appletree is an ideal studio for a professional recording experience, very friendly and honest experienced engineer, in an idyllic country setting.

The end product was of high quality, and the service included all that was needed for me looking to make that step up from amateur to professional standard production with plenty of advice on marketing and industry application. Please feel free to view my website and listen to my album on Spotify to judge for yourself!

I will certainly return there for my second project. A thoroughly enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

Thanks Phillip.

Steve Montgomery (Rough Trade Records)

Great working environment, and Philip is a pleasure to work with. Definitely will return, it is a studio that can help musicians realise their musical vision.

Steve Montgomery

Ellen Wade

Thank you Phillip, You have worked very hard on my album, I know, and I thank you also for that. You are a very talented young man with a brilliant ear for music and recording and I am so glad that Kim chose your Studio for the project.

Kindest wishes, Ellen x

"I just received your CD Ellen and had a listen. Great, Congratulations." -- From Keith Potger (The Seekers)

Mike Jacobs & Emma Smith

Just a short note to say thank you for the great care and detailed attention given to my recent recording at your studio. Your calm and professional approach paved the way for an excellent experience and ultimately a great result. I'm looking forward to working with you again soon on more projects.

Many thanks

Mike Jacobs

Unknown Flow

Couldn't fault Appletree one bit, great location and a clear professional sound. I'd give the engineer and the studios 10/10 anyone else would do the same. See you soon.

Garrat Emmerson

Many thanks for the CD, really enjoyed it and achieved exactly what I wanted to do, the demo sounds great, thanks.

The 38s

Excellent Experience

The 38's recently spent some time at Appletree Studios to record three tracks.What we particularly liked was the fact that Phillip worked with us, creating the sound we make, without forcing us to do anything that was inauthentic to our sound. That said, we were grateful of his wealth of experience and it was great to tap into that and his advice was really valuable to us.

Phillip involved us in every step of the process, checking we were happy with the sound before moving on. We felt we had ownership of our sound all the way and felt it to be a collaborative and fun process. We were really pleased at the end result and how much we managed to achieve in the time. We are a seven piece acoustic band and there was ample space to work. The garden and views were inspiring and there was plenty of space to go and practice and jam while waiting for our turn in the studio.

We had a great day and can't wait to come back and do some more!

With grateful thanks from The 38s


Phil, on behalf of all of us in Shot2Bitz I want to thank you for your total professionalism in getting our new CD recorded and mastered this week. Your superb facilities were matched by your expertise and our resulting album Box of Tricks is outstanding! And your friendly welcome and hospitality made what could have been hard work a real pleasure to do. We'll be back!! Rock'n'Roll! Ali MacDonald ( Shot2Bitz )

Terresa Butler

I keep coming back to Phillip to produce & mix my music. He always brings out the best in my songs, not only using his vast experience as an engineer, but also giving me inspired suggestions on how to enhance the arrangements. He freely offers creative ideas and constructive feedback on what is working in a song and what doesn’t. I know I can trust his experience, his judgement and his skills to bring out the very best in my music, I'll be back soon.

Tony Clarke

Just a short line to say how good the whole experience was at Appletree Studios. I have tried other local studios and could never get the sound I wanted. Appletree just walked that extra mile to ensure the finished item was how I wanted it. I would recommend Appletree to anyone.

Tony Clarke.

Debby Barnes

The album 'award' is certainly nice and great to be appreciated. Phil You were behind all the kudos, believe me; and I'm always mindful of this. So THANK YOU so much for all your hard work on the album. You should be up there receiving this award !!! Debby.

Sam Wells

It's always a pleasure to record at Appletree studios, I've been three times now and will be back again soon for sure.


Dan Kelly

I would reccommend Appletree to anyone, I recorded some drums and Phillip the engineer, got on with mixing them down and adding some punch to the sound. Really talented guy. I got everything I wanted and more from my time at Appletree, I'll certainly be back soon, thanks very much, Dan

Snabe Rings

Living in London, I was blown away by Appletree's peaceful country setting.

Great sound, Great Vibe and really pleased with my finished tracks. I'll be back.

Snabe Rings

Jon Chambers

Having recently recorded a three track EP at Appletree Studios I can highly recommend it. Whilst Phillip is a competent and enthusiastic engineer, the thing that impressed me most was his musical ability and willingness to contribute as a session player (which ultimately saved me money). His creative input was also excellent and helped me take the tracks in directions I would not have previously imagined. I'll be using Appletree again for sure.

Professor Fiona Stafford (BBC Radio 3)

Many thanks Philip. Just to let you know the recording is great. Your help is much appreciated.

Best wishes - Turan Ali (BBC Radio 3)


from the LG Mobile Marketing Director in Korea...

The work you have produced is jaw-dropping. You are very impressive and should be very proud of your achievements. It was the most intense and challenging project and you responded with great commitment and dedication. It was hard to see at the beginning how we were going to make all the elements fit together, the music has worked brilliantly across the range, you have created the most consistent message I have seen for LG across a family of phones.


I have recorded 4 albums and many demos over the years at Appletree studios. Phillip is a "true pro" I have never felt the need to go anywhere else to record my music as the production and quality gets better everytime.

I look forward to coming back for my next project in the near future and would certainly recommend Appletree studios to anyone.


Raymond Williams (Eurekys Music)

I found Phillip at Appletree was extremly professional and skillful. He produced an excellent CD for my classical work "The Wild Flowers Concerto". I recommend his services highly, and will certainly be working with him again soon.

Raymond Williams MA Mphil MBA
Eurekys Music


I had a great experience and really enjoyed recording at Appletree. Verity

Ben Hersh

I came to Appletree studios to record a demo/CD. I Was really happy with the outcome and Philip worked really hard on the CD. The equipment is all very high tech, and the keyboard (as I am a trained pianist) was as good as an acoustic piano. I would recommend Appletree studios to anyone, as Phillip the Engineer is honest and cares about achieving brilliant results as he did with my CD.

Ben Hersh

Cheryl Rezec

I received the recording from Appletree today and I'm very pleased. My client thinks the project is excellent too. Thanks.

Mike Buck

I recorded some tracks at Appletree Studios. Phillip is very experienced and constructive to work with. His sound is professional and distinctive. He also played bass on both tracks, which was another plus. Thanks again!

The Brilltones

Thanks Phil very much for your excellent work on our latest demo. Fantastic effort and superb quality. We'll be back!

Cheers, The Brilltones.

John Gaunt

Great Job, Thanks Phil.



Hi, just wanted to thank you for the session, I was really pleased with the the finished CD. Great !

Many thanks


James Locke

Thanks for recording my song, love it, I really enjoyed working with you, and looking forward to working at Appletree again soon.

Thanks Again


The Patricia Newman Band

We are very pleased indeed with the production at Appletree of our worship songs. Phillip is a highly accomplished producer and a joy to work with. We had such a blessed time at Appletree Studio.

I hope to produce more songs and it would be great to work together again soon.

John Woolley (the policeman who uncovered the Great Train Robbery)

Phil, you have done a great job! Thanks

Whistle down Productions (Radio 4)

Dean Baigent

Just a quickie to let you know everyone was really pleased with the recording. Look forward to working with you again soon.


"We had a very awesome couple of days recording at Appletree studios, with nothing but the utmost professionalism shown at all times. We have come away with a track that shows off exactly what we came here to do, and the advice given and additional instruments and effects made us sound huge!

We will definitely be back!"


Hearts Ascend

As a first time recording artist I found it a very positive experience. I find it amazing what he can do with a few raw chords and tunes .. clearly down to a highly skilled and talented guy. Thanks Phil for a rewarding, enjoyable experience! (Caroline Swann )

Phillip at Appletree Studios has a very professional approach to recording and we have been really pleased with the finished result. His music production is excellent and the songs have an overall sound quality that we are very pleased with. (Alison Collyer)

Josh Tosh

Thanks for your help on the project, Great Job !!

Stay C'ncted!

Ralph Nicols

I have been using Appletree studios on and off for a many years and love the relaxed atmosphere hope to return soon.


Year of the Kite

'We were so impressed with our experience of Appletree and Philip. We have come away with a recording we are really proud of. The sound has that difficult balance of being clear and warm. Phil is a great hands on engineer and producer. We found him to be patient, pragmatic and supportive. He managed our limited time effectively with real experience, knowing when to move things on and when to do another take. He has a great ear and vision. We will be back!'

Fadin' Shoes

Appletree's grounds are beautiful and the area really quiet, the studios are a great relaxing place to record, light and airy and not at all like the dark unfriendly places I have recorded in past times.

Philip was fantastic as our producer and engineer for our Acoustic Christmas album contributing really good ideas and encouraging us to do the best we could.

We would have no hesitation in recommending anyone to use Appletree studios and Philip's expertise.

Fadin' Shoes

Matt & Lottie Lucas

"We really enjoyed our day at Appletree recording studios. Phillip is an extremely talented musician and engineer who made us feel very welcome. He had the patience, the skills and the equipment to develop our initial (amateur) ideas into something that sounded professional. A great experience - thank you!"

Brian Fattorini

Thanks Phillip for your work, Appletree brought a whole new dimension to the final mix


David Nichols

A Big thank you for an excellent session.

Katie Plumbley

"Recording at Appletree was a great experience. Singing a track for my wedding was always going to be nerve wracking for me but Phillip made me feel comfortable & was easy to work with. The track was originally fast so Phillip created a slow, acoustic backing track which was perfect. Very happy with the final product, my fiance's reaction was total shock!"

Andrew Dodwell

I just had to thank you for your professionalism, skill and much patience. It was a great recording session and extremely pleased with result.

Regards, Andrew

Steve Mishull

Thanks for a great job

Phillip at Appletree Studios enabled me to produce an important audio track. He was polite, helpful and gave great guidance at the recording stage. In addition, his meticulous and professional editing produced something which I’m proud to put on my website. Thank you.

Steve Minshull
Steve Minshull International Ltd

Prof. Chris Colton

I recently worked with Phillip at Appletree studios to record the voice-over for three modules of a surgical education programme. The arrangements went smoothly and efficiently. The studio is well-equipped and Phillip is highly knowledgeable and competent in his field. The atmosphere was relaxed and in no way intimidating. What can often be a stressful exercise for an amateur, such as myself, proceeded professionally and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Phillip. I can recommend him unreservedly

Jane Solvold

Hi Phil, I just wanted to say thank you very much for your hard work on Friday on my song “I will think of you”. I didn’t really have a vision for my song and I needed your guidance and expertise on how to build on a simple melody to make it grow into something bigger and more powerful and I really think you achieved this.

So, thank you very much! I will definitely be using your Studios and your expertise again in the near future. Best wishes. Jane

Kelly Stone

Great to work with you again.

Fab job as always.

Shannon Barlow

"I had an amazing time recording with Appletree Studios. I felt very welcome and comfortable within the environment and I was at ease as soon as I arrived. Appletrees provided professional service and overall I can't fault them. I recommend this company highly!"

Chris Wozencroft

“Lovely location, good guy, excellent kit”

Anne Swan

"Just to say thank you for your patience and kindness . I love what you had done with my musical sketches; and so appreciated the hours of work, effort and dedication you've put in to make something special out of very little. Very clever! I wish you every success with all you do."